Scope of practice and pathways to registration

What are the scopes of practice?

A clinical physiologist may train and register in one or more of the following scopes of physiologist practice: Cardiac, Exercise, Neuro, Renal, Respiratory and Sleep.

A physiology technician may train and register in the cardiac scope only.

Who sets the standards for each scope?

The minimum standard for registration is not prescribed by CPRB, but by the professional societies it provides registration for. Clinical Physiology professional societies (ANZSRS, ANZSSA, SCT, NZSNT, CEPNZ & NZASRDP) have developed standard competencies and educational pathways for professionals working within their scope of practice. These standards are periodically revised as different qualifications become available or are re-named or provided by a different educational provider.

How to register in a scope

CPRB offers registration to those who meet the competency standards set by each society, or are undergoing the approved professional development program to gain competency. To review these standards and the pathway to registration for each scope, click on the menu heading to the scope of practice in question. These documents outline the education pathway required for New Zealand trained clinical physiologists or physiology technicians to become a registered practitioner.

Overseas trained practitioners come to New Zealand with an extraordinarily broad range of qualifications, experience and skills. Registration is on a case by case basis, and the likely registration conditions are outlined for each scope.