How to apply for or renew an APC

APC Renewals:


Click on this link for a step by step How-to guide: How to renew an APC

Existing APC holders will receive a one month notification via email that their APC is due for renewal. APCs can then be renewed by selecting the APC tab of the registrants profile.


Complete the listed actions of paying the renewal invoice, uploading a completed APC declaration and proof of society membership, and requesting approval . When all three criteria show a green tick, the APC certificate can be downloaded.


First Application:

Contact the CPRB Registrar to have your APC tab activated. You will need to:

  • be registered
  • employed as a physiologist in New Zealand or have a letter proving a definite job offer in New Zealand
  • be a current member of your professional society. 
Overdue APCs:

If the APC is not renewed within 7 days of expiry the APC status on the public register will be changed to 'Overdue'. Renewal can still occur at any time for 12 months following expiry, by completing the standard renewal criteria. Contact the Registrar if you are unable to renew via your APC tab.

Lapsed APCs:

APCs overdue for 1 year become lapsed, and no further reminders are be sent. To renew a lapsed APC, contact the CPRB registrar to have your APC tab re-activated on your profile. You will also need to demonstrate your professional activities for the lapsed period by supplying an up to date CV. Depending on how long the lapse period is, Return to Practice conditions may be applied.