Applicants may have a condition on their registration of  "Supervised practice - to sit a practical competency assessment".

The purpose of this is to confirm that you are practicing at the required level for the New Zealand Physiologist workplace, before you are permitted to practice independently without supervision. This is the main method that CPRB uses to protect the public from practitioners:

  • who are not practicing at the NZ minimum level
  • whose practice has become out of date after a long break from clinical practice
  • who were trained overseas and their level of practice is unknown
  • who are new graduates undergoing professional development to see that they have met the minimum standard

Competency assessment is undertaken in several formats, and described using a variety of terminology, e.g.

  • certification examination (online or other)
  • workplace assignments +/- in-person practical assessment
  • credentialing examination
  • registration examination

They differ from a general academic qualification offered by an external institution, in that they examine skills and knowledge specific to professional practice.

In general they are not offered to anyone who has no clinical experience or training, so are only available to practitioners who are already employed in a clinical role, or have completed a substantial clinical placement of at least 6 months or longer. They are a form of vocational qualification, and are usually offered by the relevant professional society.

For new-graduates they are usually sat after a period of supervised practice of 1-2 years. Some are available to qualified overseas applicants in a shorter time-frame.


Cardiac Assessments

Certification of Cardiac Physiologists (CCP)

The CCP exam is offered by SCT in June and November. It is the certification exam sat by cardiac physiologists after 2 years of clinical experience. There is an exam-only option for overseas trained physiologists. You should enrol in the next programme as soon as your registration is confirmed, or you begin employment in NZ.

For more information about enrolling into and sitting CCP click on the link:

Link to SCT website - CCP


Certificate in Physiological Measurement (CPM)

The CPM exam is offered by SCT. It is a 1 year course for Cardiac Physiology Technicians.

For more information about enrolling into and sitting CPM click on the link:

Link to SCT website - CPM


Echocardiography Practical Assessment - (PCA Echo)

A PCA-Echo is arranged and performed by CPRB appointed assessors, and is a half day assessment performed in your NZ workplace.

Prospective NZ employers must be made aware of this condition when you interview for roles. The assessment should occur in the first 3 months of beginning employment in an echocardiography role in New Zealand, once you are familiar with the NZ workplace and standards expected. Contact the CPRB administrator to agree a time with you and your employer for the PCA to take place.

Upon successful PCA you can apply to have conditions removed from your practicing certificate. 

PCA costs are the responsibility of the applicant and must be paid in full prior to the assessment taking place.  The fee for an Echocardiography PCA is NZ$1500.00 per assessment. 

PCA Guidelines for applicants are below:

PCA information for applicants

PCA-Echo guidelines

To initiate a PCA Echo contact the CPRB Registrar by email :

Clinical Exercise Physiologist competency assessments

CEPNZ Registration examination

Competency is assessed by CEPNZ via examination. This exam is available to CEPNZ members in June and November.

For information about this examination from CEPNZ website click on this link: Link to CEPNZ competency exam

Neurophysiology Competency Assessment

NZSNT does not provide a NZ based competency assessment or examination at this time.

Overseas trained physiologists/technologists/scientists must hold a practical assessment, certification, credentialing exam or board examination from the country in which they were qualified. Competency may be confirmed by workplace supervision for a set period in some cases.

For more information about requirements for Neurophysiological Technologists in New Zealand click on this link to the NZSNT website: Link to NZSNT website

Renal Competency Assessments

NZASRDP Competency Assessment

This is a workplace assessment and assignment option. This is organised by NZASRDP.

NZASRDP Certification Exam

This is a a certification examination option, organised by NZASRDP.


Both occur within the first year of employment as a renal physiologist in New Zealand.

At the time of membership to NZASRDP you will be guided as to how and when this assessment will take place.

Respiratory Competency Assessments

ANZSRS competency assessment.

This is undertaken in the workplace by a suitably qualified supervisor approved by ANZSRS.

Certified Respiratory Function Scientist (CRFS) Credential

For information about sitting CRFS click on this link Link to CRFS website page


Competency assessment in respiratory physiologist practice is provided by and arranged via ANZSRS.

Overseas applicants must ensure prospective NZ employers are aware if a competency assessment is required.

Sleep Competency Assessments

New Zealand Sleep Certification Examination

Competency for Sleep Physiologists is via the New Zealand Sleep Certification Examination (NZSCE), provided by ANZSSA.

Enrollment into NZSCE is via ANZSSA - email 


ANZSSA recognize some international certification examinations, such as BPRT (Board of registered Polysomnographic Technologists) RPSGT credential.