Neurophysiology Technologist Registration

Neurophysiology Technologist Workforce in New Zealand

In New Zealand Clinical Neurophysiology departments are usually based in hospitals and linked to Neurology departments. Most of the investigations in neurophysiology are recorded in dedicated environments, however they are also performed at the patient’s bedside, in the intensive care and special baby care units and also in the operating theatre.

The NZ workforce is relatively small, with under 50 technologists working throughout the country.

The professional society for neurophysiology technologists is The New Zealand Society of Neurophysiological Technologists (NZSNT) link to NZSNT website

NZ Professional Development Outline - Neurophysiology Technologist

There is not currently a New Zealand based academic or practical training program for neurophysiology technologists.

One of the goals of NZSNT is to work towards a system of training and qualification for neurophysiological scientists and technologists in New Zealand, however this is made difficult by the small number of students likely to take a course in any year.

Currently most practitioners are trained and qualified in overseas centres.

Overseas trained Neurophysiology Technologists

Registration for Neurophysiology technologists who have trained and qualified overseas is on a case by case basis.

General requirements are:

  1. Membership of NZSNT
  2. Degree or diploma in Neurophysiology
  3. Practical experience and Board exam or equivalent
  4. Registration in the country you are practicing in.

A period of supervision may be required upon beginning employment in New Zealand, which would be noted as a condition of practice on your NZ APC. You can then apply to the board to have the condition removed once the specified period of time is completed.

Competency standards - Neurophysiology Technologists

NZSNT is affiliated to the Organisation of Societies of Electrophysiological Technology (OSET) which is an international federation of such societies. OSET fosters international co-operation in setting occupational standards for technologists.

Click on the link to see the standards set by OSET for Neurophysiological procedures.

Link to OSET guidelines