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Registration - International applicants

Registration Pathway for International (non-resident) Applicants

International applicants, who qualified as a Clinical Physiologist, Physiology Technician or equivalent overseas, are welcome to apply for Registration with CPRB as a step towards seeking employment in New Zealand.

CPRB recommends:

  •  a minimum English language level of IELTS 6
  •  demonstration of membership of a recognized New Zealand professional body ( click here for list of societies in New Zealand Links ) . Please note that not all professional societies in New Zealand accept international applications, so this may preclude registering in New Zealand. Please check with the society relevant to your field of practice, before applying for registration.
  • current registration as a clinical physiologist, physiology technician, or equivalent with a recognized registration board or registration authority.

Conditional Registration

f your qualifications are not currently recognized by CPRB and cannot be readily assessed as equivalent to NZ qualifications and competencies, you may be granted Registration with Conditions of Practice.

Where Registration with Conditions of Practice is issued, the conditions of practice will be listed on your letter of acceptance to the Register, and identified on any Practicing Certificate issued by the CPRB. Examples of condition(s) that may be placed on Registration are:

  • Passing a Practical Competency assessment within 3 months of beginning employment in NZ;
  • Passing a Practical Competency exam within 6-12 months of beginning employment in NZ;
  • Completing a specified New Zealand professional development program; 

Addition of your name to the Public Register occurs once your application has been accepted by the board. Click here to view the register: View the Register

Renewal of International (non-resident) Registration

Non-resident registration may be renewed annually upon proof of ongoing professional society membership. A renewal reminder will be automatically sent 1 month prior to expiry. Professional society membership evidence may be emailed to the registrar at . Failure to renew or provide this evidence within 90 days of expiry will result in removal of your name from the public register in New Zealand.

Annual Practicing Certificates

Annual Practicing Certificates (APC) are not issued to those residing outside of New Zealand. If you have received a definite offer of employment in New Zealand, and your prospective employer requests an APC, please contact the CPRB registrar. You will be requested to provide evidence of the offer, and provided with an interim APC.

To apply to register and access the application form, proceed to the "Apply for Registration" page: Apply for Registration

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