Clinical Physiologists Registration Board

2017 Review

Clinical Physiologists Registration Board

Outcome of Review of Registration, Scopes of Practice, Continuing Professional Development and Annual Practicing Certificates 2017


The Clinical Physiologists Registration Board was set up in 2005 to formally develop processes for voluntary registration for health care professionals employed in the clinical physiology fields. These processes included defining scopes of practice and requirements for competencies based on the already developed competency requirement of the appropriate professional societies in New Zealand and Australia. The CPRB went through wide ranging consultation including discussions with the Ministry of Health (NZ) and the Health Practitioners Council (UK) in order to develop processes that fitted with the international picture for regulation of similar professionals and to the needs of the safety of the public as spelt out in the Health Practitioners’ Competence Assurance Act 2003.


In 2015 the CPRB started a review of its documentation around scopes of practice and competency measurement in relation to the issue of APCs. After reviewing the changes internationally in the defining and recording of on-going professional development the CPRB has redesigned its APC process to include a more competency focused view. The CPRB has also, in light of international qualifications and standards reviewed and re-defined the scopes of practice relating to clinical physiology. These changes have been driven to ensure that applicants for roles in clinical physiology in New Zealand are given a fair opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and competencies to practice in New Zealand whilst ensuring that we can also continue to offer roles and skills development to New Zealanders interesting in starting or progressing their careers in clinical physiology in the New Zealand Health system.


At its board meeting on 23 February 2017 the CPRB approved the following changes to the: 

1. Registration and Scopes of Practice and,

2. Continuing professional development requirements related to the issuance of an annual practicing certificate.

The detail relating to these changes can be read on the CPRB website in the About Registration and About APCs pages.


For clinical physiologists who hold current registration with the CPRB the process for renewal of an APC for 2017 will continue in the present manner. Upon issue of the 2017 APC the registrant will then be required to begin recording their continuing professional development in a different format for the issue of an APC in 2018. Full information and instructions will be provided at this time.
Current registrants will also have their registration and scope of practice updated automatically and a new Registration certificate and in some cases an interim APC will be provided reflecting any changes.
For new applicants for registration in a clinical physiology scope of practice, new applicants will be registered under the new process, and will be registered with a scope of practice with practicing conditions as described on our website. Each new registrant will also be required to follow the new continuing professional development and APC process.

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